A list of working titles for New Order songs/albums.

Email updates@new-order.net if you have any that you would like to add or any corrections you would like seen!

Little Boy                      ->      In A Lonely Place
Death Rattle                    ->      Chosen Time     (I've seen these
Little Dead                     ->      Denial           reversed)
The Hymn                        ->      The Him (through mid '81)
Tiny Tim                        ->      Doubts Even Here
Taboo #7                        ->      Temptation
Cramp                           ->      Hurt
How Does It Feel                ->      Power, Corruption & Lies (LP)
Hacienda                        ->      Video 586 -> 5-8-6 [7]
Video 586                       ->      5-8-6
KW1                             ->      Your Silent Face
Who Killed The Irisn            ->      Who Killed My Father -> Ultraviolence
Who Killed My Father            ->      Ultraviolence [8]
Only The Lonely                 ->      Ecstasy
The Beach                       ->      Blue Monday [10]
Family Affair                   ->      Sooner Than You Think
Pumped Full Of Drugs            ->      This Time Of Night [9]
Things We Do                    ->      As It Is When It Was
Broken Promises                 ->      Broken Promise

Technique's "ones", see http://www.mdmarchive.co.uk/archive/showartefact.php?aid=1864&bid=693

The Balaeric One                ->      Fine Time
Much Too Young                  ->      Fine Time (merged with MTO)
Much Too Old                    ->      MTO [1]
Gillian's Acoustic One          ->      Dream Attack
Housey One                      ->      Vanishing Point
VU One                          ->      Run
8 Track No 1                    ->      Guilty Partner
8 Track No 2                    ->      All The Way
Funky One                       ->      Round & Round
Acoustic One                    ->      Loveless
MT One                          ->      All The Way (probably not MTO)
Dreamy One                      ->      Don't Do It
The Empty One                   ->      MTO
Square One                      ->      Best & Marsh

Thanks to Michael Monkhouse for Republic ones:

Regret was always known as "Regret".

Carry On New Order              ->      Republic
Heavy Oboe One                  ->      Times Change
Identify                        ->      Liar
Backwards                       ->      World
Seagull                         ->      Ruined in a Day
Shedded                         ->      Special
Big Choir DJ                    ->      Times Change
Gillian's G String              ->      Everyone Everywhere
Chemical One                    ->      Special (not Chemical!)
Desperate                       ->      Young Offender 
Shoot to Kill                   ->      World
Ick one                         ->      Vicious Cycle (according to Dennis Rimmer's review)
Spooky One                      ->      Spooky
16th of 19th                    ->      maybe a musical reference like 586, so an instrumental (Avalanche, VC) 
Big Chord                       ->      Ruined In A Day
Techno One                      ->      World
Techno 2                        ->      Spooky (check out https://www.mdmarchive.co.uk/artefact/16272/NEW_ORDER_PRESS_ARTICLE_1993- 13-track album, with a track listing that includes Techno 2 but not Spooky)
White Diamond                   ->      Avalanche
Moderation                      ->      Liar

For Get Ready

Dream On                        ->      Nothing's Gonna Change ->   Close Range
Field                           ->      Player In The League
Freefall                        ->      Someone Like You
Full Circle                     ->      Run Wild
Run Wild                        ->      Primitive Notion
Run This River Dry              ->      Sabotage [6]
Shipwreck (Of A Broken Man)     ->      Turn My way

For WFTSC (thanks to 'perspexorange'):

Lordsy                          ->      Who's Joe
Road To Ruin                    ->      Hey Now What You Doing
Pop 1                           ->      Morning, Night & Day
Minidisc 2                      ->      Dracula's Castle
Jet                             ->      Jetstream
Fast Synth                      ->      Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

These are some of the titles bootleggers have given certain songs prior to their official release.

New Guitar One                  ->      Skullcrusher
Solitude                        ->      Skullcrusher
Aleph                           ->      Sooner Than You Think
Obsession                       ->      Face Up
The Japanese One                ->      Face Up
Sustenance                      ->      Sunrise
24 Hours Part II                ->      Sunrise
Things We Do                    ->      As It Is When It Was

These comprise "joke titles" that were given out live by Barney or Hooky(*)

We Wanted Line                  ->      Walked In Line [10]
Old Home                        ->      Confusion [2]
Black Heart                     ->      Skullcrusher [*]
I've Got A Cock Like The M1     ->      The Perfect Kiss
Bullet In My Ear                ->      As It Is When It Was [3]
Princess Dead                   ->      Weirdo [4]
I Don't Care                    ->      Let's Go [5]
I Got A Wank Off A Girl With    
  A Spotty Back                 ->      Touched By The Hand Of God

[1] Al Jarvis is fairly certain MTO actually stands for 'Mid Tempo One' I tend to agree with him, but I like the contrast in titles between 'Much Too Old' and the 'Much Too Young' line in Fine Time.

[2] According to 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', this happened 26 APR 83 Sir Francis Xavier Hall - Dublin Ireland. I'll need to confirm this.

[3] As It Is When It Was was introduced as 'Bullet In My Ear' on the mystery 85 "AU/NZ" gig (now believed to be Fox Theatre, Atlanta, on 11 AUG 85, but Al Jarvis says 'Things We Do' was the proper bootleg "working title". I've listed both.

[4] 06 OCT 86 Royal Albert Hall - London. Song was "dedicated" to Princess Di. (get it?)

[5] Yes, this was later given to a BLT instrumental remix, but it appeared as a title during live performances, I believe. I'm actually not so sure of this now, but it's likely that Bernard did give out the title as "I Don't Care" at least once. I'll try to track this down.

[6] Actually, this one started out as "Sabotage", got renamed to "Run This River Dry", and was renamed back, as best as I've ever been able to determine.

[7] "'Prime 586', (which was listed before [Ed.]) was a Mark Johnson invention as he was approaching his book deadline in late 1983... The master tape I had from Rob has the track as 'Hacienda' but after speaking with Rob, Steve, and Bernard at the Blackpool gig in 82 we decided 'Video 586' as the title; MJ was in such a state with his info as it went to press that he didn't get round to correcting it."

Information courtesy of JW.

[8] According to JW, "the first title of Ultraviolence was "Who Killed the Irish" before it became "Who Killed My Father", it went through a rapid development in the March 82 gigs in Leeds/Hull/Newcastle"

Information courtesy of CM from .pt.

[9] Pumped Full Of Drugs was released as Video (VHS) in 1986. Recorded Live in May, 2 in the Shinjuku Koseinankin Hall, Tokyo. The videotape cover only displays PFD* 177 (Fact 177) as the title. The asterisk is explained below as "Pumped Full of Drugs", which was encored here.

[10] "Blue Monday" was labeled "The Beach" during the studio recordings. At the end, The Beach become the B-side of Blue Monday.