A list of various things people have noticed written on the speaker stacks during New Order and related's concerts. If you have any additions or corrections, please send to updates [AT] new-order [DOT] net.

89 Technique Tour

David Hibell reports "they changed every day in the uk tour this year, heaven & hell, salford rules apples pears etc - others will know more & doubtless advise. He also reports what appeared during the Reading Festival.

http://www.angelfire.com/band2/eterno/jane.jpg looks like it dates from Technique, and reads "GUITAR NERO". My original guess of GUIN NESS turned out to be incorrect, you can clearly see from http://www.angelfire.com/band2/eterno/nero.jpg what it reads The girl in the photo was named Jane and roadied for New Order during the Technique tour, it seems, and was also spotted doing so during at least one Revenge gig. [Note: for these, you'll need to copy/paste the links into a new browser tab, as Lycos/Angelfire blocks direct access.]

93 Republic Tour

Mick Aneworderfan digs up a message from ceremony@frontios.niagara.edu.

90-97 Revenge/Monaco

98 New Order Reunion shows

01 Get Ready AreaOne dates + Cologne

Al Jarvis says SALFORD RULES was featured on all the US dates. It also features on the Cologne gig opening for Robbie Williams.

01 Get Ready UK dates

Also reported by Al Jarvis.

Don't know if these appeared in series on each date or all at once for all three. Mark Dingham suggests these may have changed during the performance, as he also recalls HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA but when he looked again, it had changed to something else. David Hibell spotted VINYL PSYCHOSIS during the 011011 gig; Al Jarvis (among others) the rest.

01 Get Ready European dates

Mark Harding and Sabine's Lover confirmed these.

Roland Metzer reports this was "In remembrance of Germany's 1-5 loss to England during the world cup qualifyer in Munich...". Mark Harding reports this was written in German...

Thanks to the webcast...

Another one reported by Al Jarvis.

02 Assorted Dates

2002 dates:

From Douglas Miller (via Waterrat listing)

From Billboard review, reported by Charles Pham. Also reported by Ulf
Sigvardson (via Waterrat listing)

Lars Nellemann originally reported this as "R.I.P The O", but Al Jarvis later sent in a correction, though he wasn't sure about the BYE BYE part.

05 Assorted Dates

06 Assorted Dates

According to 'One Brain' the full sentence on the speakers of the South American tour read was "Mr. Horse, once upon a time two boys started a group. It fell apart. The end." I've filled in the other dates besides 061114 and 061118 from this information. This is very interesting, as it reveals the trouble started before then final set of dates.

XX Assorted memories

Al Jarvis adds:

"Hooky always used to have a Death's Head on his speakers in the good ol' days.

Personal favourites were GUITAR NERO (yes, Nero, not Hero) and BASS HOW LOW CAN U GO? (Jonathan Scott, did a High School in Glasgow REALLY get vandelised with that graffiti?)"

Super User reports:

"Another old one was 'GAY SPUNK' which is from 1985 or so."

TJ reports that in fact this said 'GAY SPERM' and that this wasn't put on there by Hooky, but was in fact the name of the company they had hired the backline from.