Aired Interviews

   DEC 82       New Zealand i/v (Hooky)
18 APR 83       Kilkenny Radio i/v (Stephen)
   APR 84       Swiss radio i/v (Stephen and others) 
24 DEC 84       Picadillly Radio i/v "4th version of Ceremony"
06 FEB 85       Radio Clyde Scotland (Barney and Hooky, separately)
04 AUG 85       Muchmusic i/v Toronto (Barney and Hooky w/ Ivar Hamilton)
     1986       Villa Tempo - Belgian TV (Barney and Hooky, 
                  playing football!)
12 DEC 86       WRAS FM Atlanta (Hooky)
07 FEB 87       'Les Enfants Du Rock' - French TV  (done in Manchester)
24 OCT 87       BBC1  'Peeling Back The Years'
     1988       'Make Of Europe' (Gillian and Steve)
                  includes videos for 'Bizarre Love Triangle', 'State Of 
                  The Nation', Ceremony w/ Ian Mcculloch live @G-MEX,
                  and the original video of Blue Monday.
03 JAN 88       BBC1  'Backchat' (Gillian and Steve)
18 JAN 88       'Star Of The Week' - Formula One (Gillian and Steve,
                includes videos for 'Confusion', 'True Faith', and
                'Touched By The Hand Of God'
20 JAN 88       'Chart Attack' - Superchannel 
   FEB 89       'Rapida'
   MAR 89       Terry Christian Key 103 (Bernard)
 early 91       Peter Hook interview (UK, about 20 minutes)
   NOV 98       BBC Radio 1 interview with Bernard
   JAN 99       Jo Whiley TV Show (Bernard, with Keith Flint and
                Jarvis Cocker