Picture of Bernie New

For 2005

New! Live Traffic Festival Torino (Turin) Italy, performed on 2 July.

For 2003

JOY DIVISION Interviews More interviews, this time from the Joy Division era. All of these are 32kbps 11khz MP3 files, except when indicated.

And a rare bonus interview from Hooky, recording around the time of their first Peel Session.
Very interesting to hear how aloof and withdrawn he presents himself, in stark contrast to later interviews.

Check out my ever-growing collection of Barney quips and Hook humdingers.

For 2001

PETER HOOK BLOWOUT! Just added a significant collection of Hooky interviews from the Technique/Republic era. Hooky's appearance on the sex-talk callin program "Lovelines" must not be missed! All of these are 32kbps 22khz MP3 files.

85 DEC 10 Snippet of Bernard Sumner who I thought was speaking French at the El Dorado, Paris France gig. Looks like he's complaining about his road crew not let into the country because UK Customs didn't let them in. In English.

83 JUL 20 11 minute version of Thieves Like Us. Performed at the Hacienda in Manchester. Thanks to Nicholas LeBlanc for IDing this one! (It's a 13Mb 160 kbit MP3, so it'll take a while to download)

83 MAY 09 The first performance of LWTUA by New Order, debuted at Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on the anniversary of Ian's death--may he forever rest in peace!

84 AUG 25

I originally had this labelled "85 sounndcheck". Turns out that this wasn't a soundcheck but a live session broadcast Saturday, 25 August 1984.
The broadcast was a joint venture between Radio 1 & BBC2 called "sight and sound" There was two other tracks, In A Lonely Place and Temptation, (Barney introduces In A Lonely Place as "an atmostpheric song in an unatmospheric place")

Available on YouTube

86 JUL 19 New Order perform Ceremony with the lead vocalist of Echo and the Bannymen at the G-MEX in Manchester

87 FEB 09 A unique version of Weirdo that New Order closed out their Byron Bay Australia performance with.

DEC 82 The infamous Dec 1982 interview with Peter Hook. These files are VBR, but have crackling present in the source. Split into 11 parts.

For 2000

87 FEB 21 Also previously unavailable! Tracks from New Order performing in Perth, Australia, at the Red Parrot. These tracks are in mono, which is what my source is, sorry. More information about these tracks is available.

MP3s are 160kbps 44khz CBR (VBR doesn't work very well for monaural live tracks)

NEW for October - December 1999

19 SEP 87 Available for the first time! 'Anarchy In The UK' in beautiful Berkeley, California. This is the only performance of the Sex Pistols classic ever by the group.

19 JAN 86 Another rare item...New Order playing Ceremony and Love Will Tear Us Apart at Queens University in Belfast, with an interview on Irish Radio thrown in.

MP3s are 44.1 khz Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoded.

Available for July - September 1999

04 SEP 87 A rare but always enjoyable performance of 'Do The Ostrich' and Run Run Run--the latter featuring Echo And The Bunnymen, with Ian McCulloch on vocals. Taken from the Darien Lakes Amusement Park performance in Buffalo during their 1987 tour.

MP3s are 44.1 khz Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoded.

Aural treats for May - June 1999

21 APR 82 Covers of Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control' and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
performed by 10000 Maniacs at the Old Main Inn in NYC before their decline into mediocrity.

06 FEB 85 Radio Clyde interview with Peter and Bernard (not together) during soundcheck of Glasgow Barrowlands gig.

12 DEC 86 Peter Hook interview on WRAS FM, Atlanta

12 APR 83 'Rock On' BBC Radio 1 interview

Current aural treats for March - April 1999

These will mostly consist of interviews. Any music will most likely be something not otherwise available.

> JAN 99 Jo Whiley TV Show (also including Keith Flint and Jarvis Cocker)

> NOV 98 Radio One interview with Bernard

> FEB 87 French TV interview filmed in Manchester featuring Bernard and Peter

24 OCT 87 BBC 1 'Peeling Back The Years' featuring John Peel (nice pun)

03 JAN 88 BBC 1 'Backchat' featuring Steve and Gillian