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Joy Division/Warsaw Performance Detail Listing

Read sequentially only if you are excessively anal-retentive. Otherwise check out http://www.waterrat.com/jd_gig.htm for Water Rat's summary listing.

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JD-790216 Eric's, Liverpool


version 0.62a 10/25/07

Various additions of setlists during the Buzzcocks tour have surfaced, in no small thanks to TJ!

JD-791020 Loughborough University
JD-791021 Top Rank Sheffield
JD-791022 Assembly Halls Derby
JD-791024 The Odeon Birmingham
JD-791029 De Montfort Hall Leicester
JD-791101 Civic Hall Guildford

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JD-770914 Middlesborough

addition of 'Reaction'

JD-800120 Kant Kino - Berlin

TJ notes that live pic suggests 'Interzone' was played

JD-800305 Trinity Hall - Bristol

P Thompson shares his recollections

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Finally nailed Band On The Wall to 13 Mar 1979. This is by no means certain, but it's the best fit given the available evidence.

JD-790711 Roots Club - Leeds

full writeup

JD-790827 Open Air Festival - Leigh

addition of Sound Of Music

JD-791006 Odeon - Edinburgh

additional track reported as being played

JD-791026 Electric Ballroom - London

info about cut and interpolation in Transmission

JD-800115 The Basement - Cologne

writeup + corrections by Jan Bollansee + varispeed observations

JD-800405 Winter Gardens - Malvern


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Tim Jauncey provided some valuable insight and notes for the following gigs:

JD-781227 Hope And Anchor - Islington
JD-790314 Bowden Vale Youth Club Altrincham JD-790600 Band On The Wall (78/79)
JD-790811 Eric's, Liverpool
JD-790831 The Electric Ballroom - London JD-790911 Rainbow Theatre - London
JD-800402 Moonlight Theatre - London
JD-800418 Ajanta Cinema - Derby

"keres5" identified as taper of the following gigs:

JD-791004 City Halls - Newcastle
JD-800228 The Warehouse - Preston
JD-800408 Derby Hall - Bury

"erik" adds to a couple more

JD-790727 Imperial Hotel - Blackpool
JD-800418 Ajanta Cinema - Derby

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Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA London corrections (mostly formatting)

Plan K - Brussles, Belgium
Initial writeup

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Rafters - Manchester, England
Review + possible date

Bowden Vale Youth Club Altrincham
Update + corrections from Philip Collins

Hope And Anchor Islington

Futurama One, Queen's Hall Leeds

The Electric Ballroom London

The Rainbow Theatre - London

Corrections from Philip Collins

The Factory I, Manchester

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Pip's - Manchester

Nashville Club - London

The Apollo - Manchester

Winter Gardens Bournemouth England

Links to terminal1.demon.co.uk/ articles restored. Song titles underlined for better seperation. Date formatting consistent.

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Bowden Vale Youth Club - Altrincham, England Corrections

Band On The Wall - Manchester
Moved setlist listed for Oct 78 here

Pavilion - Hemel Hempstead England

Nashville Club - London

Rainbow Theatre, London

The Moonlight Club - London England

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Rock Garden - Middlesborough, England
Tentative date determined

Band On The Wall - Manchester

Marquee, London
Setlist added (missing from Waterrat listing)

Free Trade Hall Manchester
Additional notes added (notes theselves pertain to Band On The Wall gig)

Eric's, Liverpool
Additional notes added

Manchester Apollo
Additional notes added

Les Bains Douches, Paris
Additional notes added

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Hope And Anchor, London
Setlist recently published, attributed date is "best fit" based on evidence

Setlist recently published

University of London Union
Jon Salisbury recollection

Ajanta Theatre Derby England
Additional comment added re Colony

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Sometime in September 1977, Middlesbrough changed date index, spelling of locale

Band On The Wall Manchester
Conflict with Gigography on date - Sister Ray also played

Leigh Pop Festival
Audience tape includes full version of She's Lost Control

The Electric Ballroom - London, England Waterrat's setlist is correct now (not the one from 791026)

The Electric Ballroom - London, England Duncan comment

Winter Gardens - Bournemouth, England
Duncan comment

Futurama One, Queen's Hall - Leeds, England Duncan comment

Pavilion - Hemel Hempstead England
Gigography omitted listing of first four songs

University of London Union
Glass also played + Duncan comment

Town Hall - High Wycombe, England
Duncan comment

The Lyceum - London, England
Duncan+Robert England comment

The Moonlight Club - London England
Gigography lists setlist for 800403

The Moonlight Club - London England
Gigography lists setlist for 800402

The Winter Gardens - Malvern England
Additional tracks not listed in Gigography

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Winter Gardens Bournemouth England
Comment made on ceremony@monkey.org added

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Yet lots more updates based on the contributions of Brett

Bowden Vale Youth Club - Altrincham England

Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA London

Eric's Liverpool

Nashville Club - London, England

Leigh Pop Festival

The Electric Ballroom London

Futurama One, Queen's Hall Leeds

Nashville Club London (slight addition)

City Hall Newcastle

Odeon Endinburgh Scotland

The Electric Ballroom - London England

And added the following, also based on the contributons of Brett

Roots Club - Leeds, England

Imperial Hotel Blackpool - rescued from typo obscurity

The Electric Ballroom - London England - waterrat track listing needs to be corrected

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Many updates due to the contributions of Brett

Town Hall High - Wycombe

JD-800402 JD-800403 JD-800404
Moonlight Club - London

Ajanta Theatre - Derby

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More distressingly, the terminal1 pages (with all the NME and Melody Maker reviews) seem to have vanished. I wonder if it was due to copyright issues.

Nashville Club London

University of London Union

The Winter Gardens - Malvern England

All updated based on reviewing performance tapes.

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Paradiso - Amsterdam, Holland

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The Warehouse Preston England
added submission from Palatinebs

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Updated, with single mp3 from each gig.

Bowden Vale Youth Club - Altrincham England

Eric's - Livepool England

Nashville Club - London England

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The Electric Circus Manchester England

updated JD-790713, JD-790802, JD-791102, JD-791218, and JD-800229 with more inforamtion regarding songs played that appear on the Heart and Soul boxset.

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Using listings at http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html the following have been added:

Unknown, sometime in 1978, Middlesbrough

Band On The Wall Manchester

Bowden Vale Youth Club Manchester

Russel Club/The Factory Manchester

Imperial Hotel Blackpool

Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA London

Eric's Liverpool

Nashville Club London

Leigh Pop Festival

Futurama One, Queen's Hall Leeds

Nashville Club London

City Hall Newcastle

Odeon Endinburgh Scotland

Plan K Brussels Belgium

The Electric Ballroom London

The Apollo Manchester

The Apollo Manchester

Winter Gardens Bournemouth England

Les Bains-Douches Club Paris France

Kantkino Berlin West Germany

Town Hall High Wycombe England

The Moonlight Club - London England

The Moonlight Club - London England

The Winter Gardens - Malvern England

Ajanta Theatre Derby England

updated the following:

JD-791110, JD-800110, JD-800118, JD-800208, JD-800228 JD-800229, JD-800403, JD-800502 with comments from http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html as well

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Leeds University Leeds link to live review

University of London Union link to live review

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Electric Circus Manchester
brief description of one song

Hope and Anchor Islington
link to live review

The Mayflower Manchester
link to interview/live review

Rainbow Theatre London gig detail

Rainbow Theatre London gig detail

Paradiso Amsterdam gig detail

De Effenaar Endhoven Holland gig detail

The Warehouse Preston England
long listing of live disc and gig detail

The Lyceum London gig detail

The Moonlight Club London
description of one song

High Hall Birmingham gig detail

JD (Warsaw): 29 MAY 77 The Electric Circus Manchester England

Warsaw played with Buzzcocks, Penetration, John Cooper Clarke, and John The Postman.

Ian Woods gave their prefrmance a bad review in Sounds. The review picked on Bernard, saying he looked like an ex-public school boy.

(Information from Touching_From_A_Distance)

JD: 03 JUN 77 The Squat - Manchester England

Date may have been the 16th...

(quoted from http://www.geocities.com/dgmichael73/atrex.txt)

Notes: Tony Moon reviews the gig for Sounds, he writes:

"Tony Tabac is on drums...he only joined a few weeks ago, Peter Hook is on bass/plastic cap, Barney Rubble is on guitar and Ian Curtis is the voice. Lotsa Action and jumping in the air...to...'Tension', 'The Kill'..."

This is were Bernard gets the Rubble nickname!

JD: 14 SEP 77 Rock Gardens - Middlesbrough

See http://www.joydiv.org/c140977.htm for the full setlist.

Hooky himself has made the track 'Reaction', previously unheard, available on his Myspace site (http://profile.myspace.com/peterhookneworder)

There's some tuning/soundchecking with IC saying "one", and then a bit of confusion as they start in.


BS: "Alright?

IC: "This is called Reaction."

BS: "One two three four"

Hooky shouts something.

BS: "You count it in then, eh...alright?"

A bit of chatter here...

BS: "Ready?"

BS and PH: "One two three four".

The chorus is:

This time I'll get what I want
I need to get what I want

(at end)

BS: "Can I get a bit more guitar monitor please?"


TM?: "I don't think you can get better than this..."

IC: "This one's called Inside The Line...in a minute."

More racket.

PH: "Eh? One two three four."

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html


"Hooky played this track on a radio show he presented at Key 103 FM. He said it was from his own personal tape collection. The date, venue info is a bit vague but that's what he said. I am sure it is the earliest recording of JD save for the Electric Circus. JD sound like they did on the first EP and Ian's vocals are a real surprise. A throaty roar that makes him sound like Tom Waits on speed."

And I've been able to make out that the previous song would have been Inside The Line!

JD (Warsaw): 02 OCT 77 The Electric Circus Manchester

At_Later_Date has Bernard admonishing the audience "You all forget Rudolf Hess". It's been downhill ever since. :)

I'm surprised no bootleg or release has surfaces with Warsaw's set, since the one track that was recorded and appears on Virgin's Live at the Electric Circus is of fairly high quality.

JD (Warsaw): 31 DEC 77 The Swinging Apple Liverpool, England

The last Warsaw gig. According to Deborah Curtis, they played Iggy Pop's The Passenger in a desperate attempt to get the audience interested in them.

JD: 25 JUN 78 Pips Disco - Manchester

Amazingly enough, a copy of the setlist survives.


Leaders Of Men
Warsaw (31G 350125)
Failures (Of The Modern Man)
Inside The Line
(Livin' In The) Ice Age
Day Of The Lords

JD: 04 SEP 79 Band On The Wall Manchester

There seems to be some uncertainty regarding the 78/79 Band On The Wall dates. Joy Division may have played there in OCT 78 as well.

JD: 27 DEC 78 The Hope And Anchor - Islington, London

Sounds 13 Jan 79
Live review by Nick Tester



Not a complimentary review, but doesn't completely slag off the band. No mention made of tracklisting.

TJ believes that the "mystery setlist" that had been discovered may be for this gig. See http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jd_gig.html#JD-790301 for the alternate possibility.

mystery setlist -
Soundtrack [most likely refers to pre-gig backing tape] "new one" [most likely 'She's Lost Control'] Shadowplay
Leaders Of Men
the Kill
Ice Age
Walked in Line
(encore, written in different color ink) Glass Sister Ray

"Going on known song debuts, this is either late 1978 or early 1979. I believe that "soundtrack" is "I Remember Nothing", will hopefully get confirmation from Hooky this summer (maybe even tomorrow night). "new one" is most likely to be "She's Lost Control", which had a name by January 79's Peel session (as did Insight). Given the Islington base of the person who found they were in possession of this setlist, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that this could be from the first London show they did at the Hope and Anchor 27/12/78. It can only be December 78/March 79 though."

My response, in which I mostly concur with Tim's conclusions:

It's most likely to be either the Hope And Anchor 27 Dec 78. I had this entry for 01 Mar 79 but there's a note that during that gig, Ian had told the audience he had to repeat one of the tunes since they had run out of songs to play, but the mystery setlist certainly doesn't list anything twice, assuming the band held firm to it. That coupled with your observation that SLC didn't yet have a name makes me lean toward the Dec '78 date.

That the first four songs match the 04 Mar 1979 gig shouldn't be weighted too heavily, since there were only three intervening gigs between the Islington dates.

JD: 16 FEB 79 Eric's, Liverpool

See: http://lwtua.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=4834903 for setlist. It's pretty much identical to 14 MAR 79, though, so this dating may not be 100% correct.

JD: 01 MAR 79 Hope And Anchor Islington

See http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jd_gig.htm#JD-781227

I had though the "mystery setlist" had been for this particular Islington date. However, the following note could cast doubt on the setlist matching Islington, since none of the songs were repeated.

(from http://www.geocities.com/dgmichael73/atrex.txt)

"Notes: Their 2nd appearance in London brought an increase in the admission price to 75p. Before the encore Ian told the audience they would be repeating one of the songs from the gig because they had run out of songs to play!"

The "new one" would have necessarily been any other of the listed songs, otherwise it would have had a recognizable title.

JD: 04 MAR 79 Marquee, London

See http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1979.htm#049 for info.

(Waterrat's page is missing the set list)

Songs performed:
01. She's Lost Control
02. Shadowplay
03. Leaders Of Men
04. Insight
05. Glass
06. Digital
07. Ice Age
08. Transmission

JD: 13 MAR 79 Band On The Wall Manchester

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html
(link now broken)

"Pure distortion but at least its at the right speed. Recorded on a ghetto blaster by the sound of it. As for the correct date, who knows. Ian dedicates Sister Ray to someone."

Tim Jauncey believes the real date of this performance was in the late Jan-February 1979 timeframe, due to the sound of New Dawn Fades being pre-Unknown Pleasures (see below).

He adds:

"No doubt to me that this show preceded the recording of Unknown Pleasures, as New Dawn Fades is clearly a new song, and The Only Mistake is not of the same performance type as later versions (Factory 13/7/79, Hemel s/c 5/11/79). Rest of set is consistent with early 79. Impossible to work out what Ian says before Sister Ray."

Some more information from Marc:

"Another interesting tape is Band on the Wall that is an in-line copy as opposed to the one most have which is one boom box mic recording the playback of another boombox (2 machines face to face but not in-line). This in-line copy is still VERY distorted but is actually enjoyable and tons more detail is revealed over the old copy. And my closest JD friends and I are convinced that it must be from Fall 1978, probably 16 Oct 78. The arrangement and lyrics to New Dawn Fades are very different from what they played during Spring 1979."

I think, however, a March-May '79 timeframe as originally suggested better fits, though. And finally, http://iancurtis.org/gigs/13-03-1979.html actually confirms that there was a March '79 Band On The Wall date. But the latest thinking now is a February '79 date! As you can see, there's still quite a bit of debate over it.

See http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=488 (JD Central forum) for very interesting and involved discussion trying to pin down the exact date of this performance. The March date makes sense if Joy Division were wanting to air some of the Unknown Pleasures material for the first time, in front of a hometown crowd in a venue they've played in many times before, but would be the last time for them, as they were getting increasingly popular and filling some of the smaller places.

Transcription, based on a tape of about the same quality Marc is describing.


IC: "Thank you."


IC: "'Q".

Shadowplay follows.


Ian says the following, which a bit hard to make out.

IC: "Terry...straight through the foldback. Song's third(?) time playing it."

Somebody close to the taper or the taper himself says "Whatever that means."

Assuming we take Ian literally that this was the debut of New Dawn Fades, this may give a clue for dating this particular performance...

Day_Of_The_Lords segues into Insight

A siren blares at the start of Disorder. It's an actual siren rather than a synth. You can hear it throughout the track.

The_Only_Mistake begins with a bass chord, and is a near-segues into I_Remember_Nothing.


IC: "This is dedicated to Pearse[?]... It's "Sister Ray" by John Cale when he was still playing with the Velvet Underground."

Anybody's guess really exactly what he's saying, this is my best guess.

JD: 14 MAR 79 Bowden Vale Youth Club Manchester

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html
(link now broken)

"This gig was filmed by Malcom Whitehead and the first three tracks formed part of a short film. These were also featured on a Factory Records promo video which is really interesting. Its fun to see that the audience did pogo at the front to JD as they did to other bands. Presumably the entire gig was filmed but none of the rest of it has surfaced, as yet. It's possible that this tape is a copy of the mixer which was recorded as the soundtrack to the film. As I recall the film of the whole gig may have been shown at the Hacienda in 1982. Hmmm I checked back and found that it was at Heaven, London they showed excerpts from this and a few other JD films."

Some sources now credit Exercise One as the initial track, but it's likely that this isn't the case. indiearchivist:

"After this mystery "Exercise One" on the tape comes the Altrincham gig (seeded before, so not included here), which has led to "Exercise One" sometimes being attributed to this gig. However, a number of points suggests that this assumption is incorrect:

  1. The speed (pitch) differs slightly between "Exercise One" and "She's Lost Control"
  2. It sounds like the end of Exercise One has been recorded over (with the Altrincham gig), rather than the recorder being paused.
  3. An independent source says that SLC was the first track performed at the Altrincham gig.
  4. All other copies of the Altrincham gig, including the 8mm footage, start with SLC.

The counter-argument (espoused by Josef K) is that Curtis vocals are in the same place in the mix, the audience cheering is as well, you can hear some of it carry over to the start of SLC, and the hiss levels are too!

Who knows for sure? Personally, I had thought "Exercise One" was from a separate gig that we don't have a full recording or setlist for. I think TJ suggested it may be from the Marquee (the evening of the Genetic session day of recording), and that if this is the case, it would have been the encore, as it doesn't appear on the written setlist. Maybe Rob Gretton's notebooks will give us the answer one day. But now I'm leaning towards accepting it as the opening song to this gig.

It's likely only the first three exist, since as the LWTUA site points out, that's the typical length for 8mm film.

She's Lost Control and Shadowplay appear in the unreleased Substance compilation.

No Love Lost (mp3) from www.realgizmo.fr/. Last track of the performance. Fairly hissy and in mono, but clear.

Raucous crowd...couple of people calling out 'Warsaw' although that track had already been played (or were they referring to the band)

Best version that has surfaced of this was posted by "snotters", and is a second-generation audience tape.

After SLC

IC: "Q"


IC: "This one's called Shadowplay"
IC: "Q"


IC: "This one you may know."

(thanks to Philip Collins for the clarification)

IC: "Q"

After Insight

IC: "Q"


IC: "This one's called Disorder."

(again, thanks to Philip Collins for figuring this out)

TJ, reacting to my comment that this sounded like some yob shouting out, "We know you're feeling fine!", remarked:

"This was actually the Bidet Boys shouting out "We are the Bidet Boys!" (a group of local thugs who used to tape every gig at Bowden Vale...hope that the May 79 show may exist as well!). The synth intro to Disorder was used on every performance of this song until August 79, and old army wartime siren sound that may have been the actual siren - will ask Hooky!"

(though to me it sounds like, 'Bring on the Bidet Boys!')

After Digital

IC: "Q"

Before Ice_Age, crowd members get into a heated argument, with somebody saying "Yes, fascism is very clever, now fuck off!" (thanks to Philip Collins for deciphering that)

There's an edit here, with some weird repeating synth stuff, which is first faded out, and then repeated without the fade.

At the end of I_Remember_Nothing, Ian says "Thank you, good night," as folks stamp and shout for an encore. JD oblige them by coming back out to do No_Love_Lost, only one of two times you can hear them playing a live rendition of it (the other is Roots Clubs, Leeds)

IC" "Q"

JD: Mar-May '79 Band On The Wall Manchester

See http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jdgigs.html#JD-790313

This date is not certain, but it's likely the best fit given the information we have.

JD: 17 JUN 79 Royalty Theatre London

Setlist provided by the MDMarchive site


JD: 03 JUL 79 Free Trade Hall Manchester

(entry really for Band On The Wall May-June 79 date)

Waterrat's listing gives this as sometime in June, but Lars' CDs date this 79 July 3rd. However, this conflicts with the Waterrat listing of Free Trade Hall on that same date.

Sister Ray was apparently also performed, as the last song.

JD: 13 JUL 79 Roots Club, Leeds England

Credit to Brett for the transcription.


IC: "Thank you."

After Shadowplay, there's a bit of tuning.


IC: "This is called 'She's Lost Control'."


Pretty well formed for a song not to officially be released for another few months.


Features the siren heard in early renditions of this one.


A particularly frenzied interchange between Ian and Hooky.


Its intro almost sounds like "I Remember Nothing".

After Transmission

IC: "Q"

After Atrocity__Exhibition, there's about 30 seconds of folks stomping and shouting for an encore, which they get.


IC: "Thank you. I always liked that one(?)."

At the end...

IC: "Thank you, good night!"

The PA comes on playing a reggae song before the tape ends.

JD: 13 JUL 79 Russel Club/The Factory Manchester

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"This is a mixing desk[1] tape recorded, so I'm told, by Alan Hempsall, the singer of Crispy Ambulance who were the support band. It was quite difficult to get copies of this tape for a time which may be one reason why they chose to include almost all of it on H&S. 'Transmission',as you doubtless know, having already been released on the LWTUA remix CD .It's a great choice for it showing how JD live were an energetic and nasty rock n roll band, and truly wild with it. In the intro to SLC Ian says something like "There are some things we'll never understand, She's Lost Control and Ian namechecks The Pop Groups "We Are All Prostitutes" during Atrocity Exhibition. Contains the only live recording of 'Novelty'...as far as I know."

[1] This is actually a good-quality audience recording.

First 10 songs on H&S disc 4.
Transmission is on Atmosphere CD5, as well as LWTUA remix CD5


IC: "Hello, we're Joy Division."


The last time this track was played live, apparently.


Also not long for this world, or at least in Joy Division's set.


IC: "There are some things we'll never understand, She's Lost Control."


IC: "This song's called Disorder" (as some weird bass sound whines in and out)


Hooky's vocals are out front on this rendition.


IC: "Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition."

Ian screams his guts out near the climax, and namechecks "We Are All Prostitutes" as detailed above.


Fans crying out for No Love Lost and Warsaw.

IC: "Laughs...This next one's a very old song, and, about two years old, some of you might remember..."

Also the last time this was played...

JD: 27 JUL 79 Imperial Hotel Blackpool

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"I have seen some photos that may have been taken at this gig. Barney's wearing a white T-shirt, and Ian's shirt is torn, Iggy style. The backdrop is silver tinsel and felt curtains..! There are two tapes of this gig. One purports to be a mixer and appears to have gone thru a graphics equaliser as the bass is boosted massively. The other is has a broader range but includes a huge amount of hiss."

From Brett:


IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division"

After Disorder

IC: "Q"


lyrics: "I bet you never really tried" (thanks to Tim Jauncey for noticing)

After SLC

IC: (faint speech, difficult to make out) IC: "Q"

According to "Erik", Insight was played but not recorded on either of the extant sources for this gig, one of which was taped by Larry Cassidy of Section 25 (the better-sounding copy missing most of Dead Souls).

A low-quality source has purportedly surfaced, but indiearchivist confirmed that this version is from the 1980-04-04 Moonlight Club London performance.

JD: 28 JUL 79 The Mayflower (The Fun House) Manchester

Sounds 11 Aug 79
Interview/review by Dave McCullough



The interview isn't nearly as interesting as it pretends to be, but don't miss the reference to Bernard's woolie. Funny.

JD: 02 AUG 79 Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA London

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"This tape is my own personal favourite, the last four songs are a riot. A primitive soundboard tape mixed as roughly as 'An Ideal For Living'. The direct injection of the guitars and syndrums, plus Ian going berserk during SLC, make this the pick of the bunch for me. On all copies I have heard there is a short break in the outro to Autosuggestion with people with London accents chatting, then the song returns. This is probably why Jon Wozencroft chose that track for H&S in its complete form."

Thanks to Brett for some of these transcriptions.

Autosuggestion is included on Heart & Soul Changes tempo to be very fast midway.

IC : "'Q".

After Transmission

IC: "'Q".

IC: "Turn the foldback up...please."


IC: "This one's called Day of The Lords."

Shes_Lost_Control features random soundchecking.

IC: "'Q".

After Shadowplay

IC: "Thank You."


IC: "Welcome to the atrocity exhibition."


IC: "Thank you. This is called Insight."

IC: "Thank You."

JD: 11 AUG 79 Eric's Liverpool

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"Track two is an improvisation maybe based on an Iggy Pop song (or a Section 25 song) played because of problems with the bass. Colony has very different lyrics to those on 'Closer'. In fact the lyrics to Colony went thru a few changes which can be heard on different tapes, this is a bit unusual for Ian: its a habit people usually associate with Barney. It is said they also played Warsaw and Atmosphere at this gig but my tape doesn't have these. Also a Italian guy had Eric's evening show listed on his tape list as a seperate/different tape. So I am trying to investigate this."

Tim Jauncey clarfies this:

"Track 2 is definitely, 100% their take on Section 25's "Dirty Disco", coupled with a bit of Sister Ray, as the bass amp had packed up. It wasn't a rough version of Colony, it was the debut performance, having been written that very day, which is why it sounded unformed. It may have been played at the matinee performance that day as well, but we'll never know."

Also, Ice Age is incomplete.

MP3 of 'Gimme Some Lovin' from www.realgizmo.fr/. Sound quality is fairly bad. Short, at about 2 minutes.

From Brett

After Transmission

IC: "Seem to have a few problems with the, er, equipment." This is followed by random bleeps/ synth playing.

Punter says, "What's wrong with the bass?" Companion replies, "I don't know."


Massive bass intro, but a false start, as Hooky's playing in the wrong key!

IC: "We'll starting now."

More bass, some whooping synths, and then the drums.


Starts with a distinctive Hooky seven-note riff, heard several other times during JD's live heyday.

After Shadowplay

IC: "Q"


Debut performance. See Tim's note above.

IC: "Q"


IC: "This one's called Ice Age."

JD: 13 AUG 79 Nashville Club - London

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

Exercise One, Disorder, Colony, Candidate.

"This appeared very recently. I got it from a guy in Australia who got it from a guy in Germany who got it...well the trail goes cold from there. Strange to get a tape of a gig in my home town from the other side of the world. Near the end of Candidate the taper says "I'm going outside". And that's it. At least we got four songs and a fantastic opener. As far as I know this tape was not in circulation before. But maybe some have had it for ages. This is a very nice tape."

Transcription courtesy of Brett:

IC says "Q" after each song.


Punter #1: "Who are they?"
Punter #2: "Huh?"
Punter #1: "Who are they?"
Punter #2: (speaking slowly) "Joy Division"


IC: "This is called Candidate"

Some talking between 1:15-1:20 I can't make out.

At about 1:30:

Punter #1: "I'm going outside."
Punter #2: "Why?"

(after a few seconds)

Punter #2: "Their songs are somber(?)."

This version is under two minutes.

JD: 27 AUG 79 Leigh Pop Festival

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

Disorder, Leaders Of Men, Colony, Insight, Digital, Dead Souls, Shadowplay, She's Lost Control, Transmission, Interzone

"Zoo meets Factory in a muddy field. One of my tapes of this gig is on a C-90, and contains the full sets of OMD and the Bunnymen, JD's cuts out before the end(during SLC). The rest of the gig is on a second tape, an appalling SQ audience recording."

Note that Transmission and Interzone were also played. These only appear on the "appaling SQ audience recording". A full version of She's Lost Control can be found there too.

Transcription courtesy of Brett.

After Disorder

IC: "Q"


IC: "Turn the mic higher please"

After the song finishes

IC: "The foldback's still not quite right, it's feeding back and it's not very loud."


Very different lyrics than any other version. Needs to be transcribed at some point.


IC: This one's called Insight."


lyric: "it couldn't happen more" instead of "shadows start to form".

(after song is finished)

IC: "Q"


PH: "1, 2, 3, 4"

After Shadowplay

IC: "Q"

After Shes_Lost_Control

IC: "Thank You"

Important finding! Sound_Of__Music was played after SLC. Thanks to Craig Wood for providing the proof.


IC: "This one's called Transmission"

After Interzone

IC: "Thank you good night"

JD: 31 AUG 79 The Electric Ballroom - London England

From Brett


IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division."

Debut performance of Sound_Of_Music.


IC: "This next one's called Wilderness." IC: "Q"

After Shadowplay

IC: "Q"


IC: This one's called Disorder"(echo)


IC: "This one's called Insight."

IC: "Thank you. Good night."

Tim Jauncey says, "Poor gig, band may have been overawed by size of [the] crowd."

JD: 08 SEP 79 Futurama One, Queen's Hall - Leeds

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"Booming and full of echo this was recorded near the back of Queen's Hall, which is huge, and explains the strange acoustics."

Also, quite a bit of audience chatter on this one.


IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division."

From Brett


IC: "Q"

After Insight

IC: "Thank You"

After Dead_Souls

IC: "Thank you, good night!"

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

[Duncan] 'A month or so after Ian's death when I first meet Rob Gretton at Rough Trade in London, with six of my Joy Division master tapes, it was the Futurama tape that he wanterd to hear first. He put on I Remember Nothing and I said he should fast forward to Wilderness as he'd be able to assess the tape better. He just smiled and said "I can tell fine with this track". He handed me a copy of Licht Und Blindheit -Sordide Sentimental and about 6 of those flexi freebies. Rob was a really nice bloke'."

JD: 22 SEP 79 Nashville Club London

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"A mixer, and a nice one at that. You can really hear the bass on it. The first track is from an audience tape because they didn't start the mixer in time. Fans memory: "JD were becoming popular now and the queue formed round the block an hour before opening. All the tables were passed out over the crowds heads on the dance floor to allow as many in as possible. At the start of SLC a 12 year old lad, standing on a chair, screamed out 'Oh yes, this one's great!'. Stage lighting was pretty basic consisting, in the main, of a white spotlight stage right". Not the same as Stiff Kittens boot as far as I know."

Aside form the mixer, there's at least two different audience recordings.

One is the "pink trousers" tape, given that name due to the peculiar intro to Atmosphere, the other is the "bootleg #2" version, which I need to investigate regarding why the taper named it thus.

From the audience tape:


Punter #1: "Here we are, pretty cool. Standing in the aisle... The band is wearing..."

Punter #2: "Pink trouser..."

Punter #1: "Pink trouser suits."

Punter #1: "'Cor fookin' 'ell, wots this?...Sit down, you bastards!

IC: "One, two."

Punter #1: "Turn it dowwwwn!"

Punter #2: "I can't(?) see anything"

The other version, of which I only have this track, has the taper announcing "Bootleg #2".

Leaders_Of_Men (mp3) from www.realgizmo.fr/. The track I have bears out the above, although the particular recording the mp3 was made from is probably a few generations down.

IC: "This one's an older one..."

and at end

IC: "'Q" (thank you slurred)

I also have this through a tape sent in by Brett, the tape source is fairly hissy but audible. Atmosphere is an audience recording, the rest is soundboard.


IC: "Thank you."

Wilderness has a neat instrumental breakdown, as in 'break it down', not musical collapse.


(see above)


IC: "This one's called Colony."

Disorder starts out with an interesting feedback sequence.

IC gives the standard welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition.


PH: "This one's called Glass."

and at the end, IC gives a "Thank You".

Somebody punches in the tape player a bit late, so Exercise_One is introduced as the "inal number."

The version on this tape cuts out halfway through the song I also have this though a different source, which at some point I'll get a chance to listen to.

Brett has heard it, and reports that it concludes with:

IC: "Thank you, good night."

JD: 02 OCT 1979 Mountford Hall, Liverpool University

Setlist taken from http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1979.htm

01. Wilderness
02. Ice Age
03. Candidate
04. Shadowplay
05. Insight
06. She's Lost Control
07. Twenty Four Hours
08. Disorder
09. Transmission
10. Warsaw.

JD: 03 OCT 79 Leeds University Leeds

Sounds 26 Oct 79
Live review by Des Moines



Review mentions Ian losing control. I don't think it was realized that he had just had an epileptic seizure.

JD: 04 OCT 79 City Hall Newcastle

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"A very enthusiastic taper screams in vain for 'Wilderness' between each song. There is an indecipherable exchange between the stage and an audience member between the second and third tracks that produces laughter and applause."

"kered5" taped this gig using, as he described it:

"...an old Piano Key Mono casette recorder (Lloytron!!!!) which I used to
strap to my back with a microphone attached to my trench coat...with a crap "Ross C90" cassette in the recorder..."

From Brett, with additions by myself.


IC: "We're Joy Division." He probably prefaced that with "Good evening" but the tape may not have started in time.

The MP3 version from "Unknown Treasures" is missing the introduction.


PH: "One two" [think it's Hooky and not Ian with the count-in]

First instance of taper screaming for Wilderness. Joy Division speed up their playing through the intro. Another shout for Wilderness.


IC: "This one's called Colony". At this point the exchange between an audience member and the stange happens. Wilderness called out for yet again.

IC: "Q".


Another cry for Wilderness.

After Shes_Lost_Control

IC: "Q".

A cry out for 'Digital' instead.


IC: "Welcome to the atrocity exhibition."

Loud cries for "More" from one of the crowd.

JD: 06 OCT 79 Odeon Endinburgh Scotland

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"A fairly average sounding audience tape which is less well distributed than some other titles."

After Leaders_Of_Men

You can hear somebody near the taper say something like "head down"...not sure what is said.

From Brett

After Digital

IC: "Q"

See http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1979.htm#083 for more detail, it seems that Joy Division encored with Transmission, which they had played during the gig.

JD: 16 OCT 79 Plan K Brussels Belgium

The video for this concert has finally surfaced!

See: http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1979.htm#086

See http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jdgigs.html#JD-791027 for reference to footage from Atrocity Exhibition.

JD: 20 OCT 79 Loughborough University

From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=2244183

TJ's correspondent writes.


"They Walked In Line
3 new ones (subsequently found them to be Colony, These Days, 24 Hours from Peel session and then the LWTUA single, sounded like he was singing "in this comedy") Interzone
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Remember Nothing

all over in flash despite the boring drone of the last one, they were far better than the Buzzcocks, who didn't seem interested. Huge boomy bass sound that was too big for the venue"

Another source says this may actually be the Top Rank Sheffield set.

JD: 21 OCT 79 Top Rank - Sheffield

From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/show_single_post?pid=21386368&postcount=5

Sheffield 21 October

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again
"day in day out" (Digital)
"english comedy" (Colony - it really sounded like "English Comedy") "say you tried" (Autosuggestion)
She's Lost Control
Day Of The Lords instrumental version

I thought Buzzcocks were really good this night, best of the 5 I saw, though the reviews I've seen since wouldn't have agreed with me. I don't recall Ian actually being on stage for the last number of the JD set, it seemed to go on for ages, longer than the record version, and though now 28 years on I know what the problems were and can identify what and when was wrong, back then we had no idea to be honest.

Another source says this might be the Loughborough university set.

JD: 22 OCT 79 Assembly Halls - Derby

From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=2244183
Thanks to TJ for posting.


"higher/sound of music (hook on guitar, think it was the one they did a few weeks later on Peel session) wilderness (really crisp and punchy)
Insight (VERY loud bleeping!)
new one Colony
new one These Days
Shes Lost Control Again
Step Inside (the Atrocity Exhibition) (Hook guitar again)

Really tight, much better than Buzzcocks again, very snappy set that was only just about half an hour long. Huge guitar sound more than bass this time, sound balance definitely wrong. Ian was talking between songs and you couldn't hear him properly."

JD: 24 OCT 79 The Odeon - Birmingham

Credit goes to TJ for posting the following to http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/show_single_post?pid=21386368&postcount=5

Birmingham 24 October

"calling me" (Dead Souls)
New Dawn Fades
Day Of The Lords
She's Lost Control
Transmission as the encore

Too big a venue for JD at the time, it was very empty for the first half of the set until Shadowplay, then the punks all came down the front and started being true to form. They came back on for an encore for the first time since I'd seen them, which surprised me as this was a much longer set than any of the other nights I'd seen them, or at least it seemed it at the time, it was probably still only about 35 minutes long. Parking was a nightmare round the Brum Odeon, I only got there just before they came on stage, and the bar area was packed with Buzzcocks fans. I spent the first ten minutes or so of the set talking to some guys I recognised, right at the back of the hall, it wasn't exactly busy at the front of the stage.

I was on the phone earlier to my old mate Dave Hope who used to see the Buzzcocks as well, I've given him your email address so he may be in touch with his recollections, I know he went to most of this tour so will no doubt have some stories for you. All the best.

Phill adds:

Hmmm... At least that confirms my memory that Bernard played guitar throughout the whole set. And yes, the auditorium was, indeed half empty, though as the set went on, there was a steady trickle of people coming in from the bar. I was downstairs in the auditorium, stood up in front of my seat. Security at this venue was variable, but generally discouraged people from standing up, dancing in the aisles, or in the "orchestra pit" at the front (which was actually just a flat area between the stage and the front row of seats). If a gig was poorly attended, or the support act were on, the security guys were generally pretty OK and thats how I remember this gig. There were some people down the front "moving about" but I can see why the band were degected by this tour, if this gig was anything to go by. I must admit, I was more of a Buzzcocks "fan" than a JD fan at this stage, though I felt it was witnessing this performance (by the Buzzcocks) that made me feel they'd lost it. It was shoddy and if it wasn't for Diggle's unending enthusiastic stage antics, I would go as far as to say they were piss-poor. JD, on the other hand, I remember as being tight and focussed. Interesting, though, that the guy doesn't mention Ian stumbling and being led off at the end of the set.

This is a brilliant new window into this period. TJ - top man for having the foresight to bump into this bloke and get him to share this stuff.

JD: 26 OCT 79 The Electric Ballroom - London

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"Very nice audience recording. In the intro to Insight an audience member starts singing along. DOTL does not fade out on this tape."

Just received this on CD from Jan Bollansee. Great sound quality!

You can hear a woman say something about trying to get backstage.

From Brett


IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division"


BS: "Keep the lights on all the time".

A few fans mock him, a woman close by the taper says, "Excuse me".

Some more talking afterwards, somebody says "The original..." [can't quite make this out]

After Wilderness

IC: "Put one of my vocals thru the microphone...my mic."

After Colony

IC: "Q...Q"


Some fan starts chanting...

Some tuning after this and before Day_Of_The_Lords.

Emphatic "Where will it end"...Ian sings this as passionately as I ever heard him.

Transmission is spliced as the full song wasn't taped. While some have said this was taken from the BBC version taped on 15 Sept 1979, Randy Mantei disagrees, and says that this was taken from another lower-quality tape source. I haven't verified this, but it does seem likely.

Punter says something about being uncomfortable.


IC: "This is called the Atrocity Exhibition."


IC: "Thank you."

After Interzone

IC: "Thank you, good night."

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

[Duncan] 'They had all had short haircuts since the last gig I'd seen. Storming rendition of Interzone for the encore If you listen to the tape Ian's microphone isn't up for the first verse or two but comes back in with "but I had no time too lose" half way. Possibly the first time they played Love Will Tear Us Apart. This gig was one of the few times that Ian made it back on after his exertions during Atrocity Exhibition'."

JD: 27 OCT 79 The Apollo - Manchester

From Here Are The Young Men FACT37 (video)
Also Videology 6 MPG. Sound is monaural, taken from the VHS tape.

Track Listing for FACT37 is as follows. All referenced shows will have the full listing.

Warmup (27 OCT 79: soundcheck)
Dead Souls (27 OCT 79)
Wilderness (27 OCT 79: not included in FACT37) Love Will Tear Us Apart (27 OCT 79)
Shadowplay (27 OCT 79)
Day Of The Lords (28 OCT 79)
Digital (18 JAN 80)
Colony (18 JAN 80)
A Means To An End (16 OCT 79)
Autosuggestion (18 JAN 80)
Transmission (28 OCT 79)
Sound Of Music (28 OCT 79)
She's Lost Control (27 OCT 79)
Walked In Line (28 OCT 79)
I Remember Nothing (28 OCT 79)

The soundcheck features:

some drumming

bassline to From Safety to Where. This is the only time this song is ever played live in any setting, save for the 4 MAR 80 Moonlight Gig soundcheck

Ian makes weird sounds

Intro to FACT37 has some live footage running over the studio version of Decades. Good shots of Ian 'dancing'.

Clapping as JD take the stage.


IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division."

They run through the next few songs.

All the songs from 17/18 JAN 80 seem to be truncated.


Bernard sits down to play guitar.


On the audience tape, fans call out for Transmission and Exercise One.


This version is over nine minutes long!

JD: 28 OCT 79 The Apollo Manchester

See http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jdgigs.html#JD-791027

JD: 29 OCT 79 De Montfort Hall - Leicester

From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=2244183
new one (Colony) -> Dead Souls (see below) Digital
new one (24 Hours)
new one (These Days)
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Autosuggestion (at least I think it was, very manic) -> New Dawn Fades (see below) Transmission
Step Inside (the Atrocity Exhibition) (Hook on guitar again)

Lots of pauses at this gig, may have been a string go on Barneys guitar between the new ones as it seemed to be a big delay, I think the drums started up for the next one without realising there was a problem, the drums went round several times wityhout anyone else joining in, then stopped and started again a minute later, Ian went off stage as soon as he finished singing in the last one."

Another source is adamant that it was Dead Souls instead of Colony and New Dawn Fades instead of Autosuggestion at Leicester. This seems to better match what the Mark Johnson manuscript gigography lists, as it has both these tracks and neither Colony nor Autosuggestion.

JD: 02 NOV 79 Winter Gardens Bournemouth England

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"The same tape as used for CD4 of H and S. the guys recording the gig are clearly familiar with Ian's onstage introduction of the band. They each try to mimic him before he announces "Good evening, we're Joy Division". Despite its technical limitations this remains a very listenable tape, recorded from the front of the balcony on a good machine by the sound of it. It seems the same guys also taped ULU and the Electric Ballroom gigs amongst others. Not the same as Dante's Inferno I think."

Agreed, excellent-sounding audience tape. Heart and Soul has 3 songs, as detailed below.

Bootleggers can be heard mouthing off the tradition Ian intro "Good evening we're Joy Divsion" before Ian says it, as described above.

I_Remember_Nothing starts off with a wail of feedback, into a long, powerful instrumental passage.


One of the bootleggers asks the other what Joy Division is doing. "Changing guitars" is the reply.


Bootlegger: "Fookin' Hell". Can't quite make out what Ian was saying.


Emotional performance, Ian sounds manic and the music matches his mood.

The band segue right into Insight.

More chit-chat between between the bootleggers.


Initial stumble on the drums. This is an incredible song of course, easily overlooked as the B-side to LWTUA but scarcely less strong. Hooky can be heard chanting the chorus, Interzone style, though Ian has main vox.

After Transmission there's a bit more quiet chatter, before a couple of loudmouths call out for "Exercise One" and "She's Lost Control". JD play Atrocity_Exhibition instead.

From ceremony@monkey.org list:
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:58:31 +0100 (BST)
From: Daniel Butt
Subject: (Fac33) Joy Division

Um, I really just wanted to send a message saying how cool those checks were, but I thought I'd better pad it out with something a little more consequential. So, I recently got a copy of "The Great British Mistake", which is a compilation of articles from the punk / post-punk / situationist "Vague" zine, which I wholeheartedly recommedn. Anyway, there's an early review of JD in there, which I thought I might as well type out for y'all. It's from 1979 and by Chris Johnson, typed out verbatim.

Who Dances to Joy Division?

After ponsing 10p's outside the Wintergardens for an hour, I go in to discover Chris. J with a pass (the bands were staying at his hotel). He celebrates this unfortunate mishap by getting the drinks in. Then it's decision time - Joy Division were coming on - Should we go in and see them or stay in the bar? Our decision is made for us by the bouncers who herd everyone into the auditorium. We seat ourselves amongst the reluctant punters and a familiar figure starts flailing his arms and legs about centre stage - Ian Curtis, the star of Leeds Sci-Fi Festival, makes quite an impression again. But the teeny-bopper audience are dead lethargic, it's the most they can do to clap.

Joy Division are good, though, sharp and precise, they fill the Wintergardens with the best new sound it's had in years. They do "Transmission", the new single and you see what all the fuss was about at Leeds. Steve Morris keeps a strong and eerie drumbeat throughout and Bernard Albrecht casually strikes out the steel edged guitar riff... (Too embarrassing! Ed.) They continue with "She's Lost Control", which is excellent. The band are putting everything into it but getting nothing back except a smattering of applause. It's pathetic... (That sort of thing, you get the picture. Ed.)

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

"[Duncan] "Ian behaved a little differently during Atrocity Exhibition. Usually he would dance really wildly during the guitar/drums climax of this song. But this time he walked to the front of the stage and stared out at the audience completely still for about 15 seconds until a roadie came onstage and helped him offstage to hospital suffering dehydration and exhaustion. Joy Division were pulling in fans at these gigs even though they were support to the headlining Buzzcocks"."

JD: 05 NOV 79 Pavilion - Hemel Hempstead England

Only five songs were recorded.

The soundcheck made it on to tape.

The listing:

New Dawn Fades
Dead Souls
The Only Mistake
Love Will Tear Us Apart


lyric: "waiting to fade away" instead of "hoping for something else".

A new source has surfaced that adds a false start to the NDF soundcheck, as well as two songs after Digital, Disorder, and Interzone, with the latter faded out. About 20s of drum beats in between these two.

Colony has been confirmed by multiple sources as having been played, according to our source, it appears to have been at the end of the set, with the band walking off after one false start and a minute through the second attempt.

JD: 09 NOV 79 Rainbow Theatre, London

MP3s taken from tape. Sounds a few generations off from pristine. File with MP3s have these played the ninth. Gigography says the 10th, which isn't correct. I have another MP3 version of this gig (courtesy of 'New Dawn Fades' site) which is much better quality than the other two version, but it omits the closing track (Transmission) which is cut.

A female announcer can be heard to say, "Here are Joy Division"


Debut of this song, according to the Gigography.

IC: "Good evening, we're Joy Division."


What sounds like an arp synth random arpeggio can be heard very, very faintly in the background. In fact, I (now) think this is an artefact caused by noise reduction.

Also, Hooky's bass intro is extended.


lyric: "waiting to fade away" instead of "hoping for something else".


The "keyboard part" is unusally loud during this particular performance. Tim Jauncey says in fact this isn't a keyboard but a Simmonds Syndrum used by Steve Morris, the same effect used on She's Lost Control.


More random arp can be heard low in the mix before the song starts. Again, probably an artefact from NR.

Different synth sound than normally heard.

JD: 10 NOV 79 Rainbow Theatre, London

My tape has this labelled as the tenth of November, so this may have been played then, and not the 9th as the gigography states. I have Mp3s which are labelled the 9th, so that this is the setlist for the 10th instead is likely. Sounds like 2nd or 3rd generation, a bit hissy but not bad.

Intro to Dead_Souls starts out with a single held Mellotron note, then Ian comes out and says "Hey, we're Joy Division"

Jan Bollansee has some more information about the intro music:

"As for the "unusual mellotron intro" to Dead Souls, that's a track called "On The Way" off the OST to the Werner Herzog film, "Nosferatu - Fant?me de la Nuit/Br?der des Schattens". It is composed and performed by Popol Vuh, a group founded by one Florian Fricke after he became acquainted with the Moog synthesizer (I'm quoting from the liner notes to the CD I have of this). I'll definitely upload this one to Nic's ftp-server shortly! Seeing how Werner Herzog was one of Ian Curtis' favourite film directors (remember "Stroszek"), it may have been at Ian's insistence to use this track to celebrate the last night of the first proper tour the band ever undertook."

IC introduces Twenty_Four_Hours by stating, "This one's called Twenty-Four Hours".

Interzone features particularly gruff backing vox from Hooky, and a false start, with Ian repeating "one-two, one-two"

IC: "This is a change in [man...?]" (can't decipher last word)

Punter asks "What did he stop for?".

The bassline for Atrocity_Exhibition sounds the same as the one for Dead_Souls. Or ICB. But the drumline is different. Unfortunately, tape cuts out partway through the song. And that's that.


From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"As the band take the stage a young woman calls out "Are you Joy Division?", and the band confirms this, so when Ian does his customary introduction she calls out "I know that!"

JD: 18 DEC 79 Les Bains-Douches Club Paris France

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"This is a near perfect sq recording of the rebroadcast of the gig last year by French radio. Much better, and longer, than the recording of the original broadcast we all put up with for so long."

Also, Factory Records will release this concert officially later this year.

My synopsis based on a MP3 of the entire gig, made from the audience tape version. The older recording seems to be a fraction too slow.

http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1979.htm#107 gives this description:

First FM broadcast:
Featured songs: 05-09, song 05 is incomplete Appx. duration: 20 mins. Sound quality: 8-/9

Passover has nasty distortion about 30 seconds in. Also, this was probably mastered from cassette, and the cassette may have been a bit ill.

Love_Will_Tear_Us_Apart starts with a bit of soundchecking. The vocals are low in the mix.

Insight has really annoying shooting synth effects, and on the original FM version, is cut off.


IC: "Turn the vocals up, please."

The tape this is made from sounds especially garbled here. At the end of the song, the French announcer cuts in for a few seconds.

After Transmission the announcer interrupts again saying "Transmission, Dance To The Radio", Day_Of_The_Lords also has an announcer voiceover (again, in French) just stating artist and venue.

A_Means_To_An_End is also garbled.

Interesting version of Atrocity_Exhibition, as usual.

Interzone and Warsaw are raw and bleeding...Warsaw has what sounds like as skip.

This also includes some tracks from the FM version.

JD: 11 JAN 80 Paradiso - Amsterdam, Holland

MP3 taken from recording of the radio broadcast. Of course, this is a soundboard recording. My collection is missing 'Atmosphere' and 'Interzone' as the last tracks, at least on the MP3s. My tape cuts out at These Days...I may have this elsewhere in my collection as well.

You can hear a guitar getting unpluged and pluged at the end of Passover.


(after song finishes)

IC: "Turn the foldback up, Terry, please"


IC: "Turn the foldback back up, please"

NOTE from Andrew Martin

"Just wanted to let you know that Ian actually asks, "Turn the foldback up Terry, Please". "Foldback" is another word used to describe the onstage monitors that musicians use to hear themselves and obviously Ian couldn't hear his own vocal which is why he asks for it to be turned up!"

Long pause after Transmission, while JD tunes gear.

Partway during These_Days, the power cuts out for a second.

About a minute into Shadowplay, power cuts out again.


IC: "Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition!"


Also see http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"There was a 7" boot of the encore called Solitary Demands which was the best sq recording from this gig that I have come across; stereo with good instrument separation. The boots of the rest of the gig I have come across are usually quite anaemic. Some or all of this gig was networked & broadcast on Dutch radio. I have a new tape 60 min tape of this gig in stereo and a copy of the Dutch radio rebroadcast including sound effects!"

JD: 15 JAN 1980 The Basement - Cologne

CD supplied by Brett, third generation copy of master. Very listenable, 7+ instead of 7. One of the harder ones to get since the complete gig had never been bootlegged onto an LP or silver CD, though a dual LP bootleg did surface in May 2004. There appear to be two separate audience sources, I'll label Brett's #1 and the one available on the "Unknown Treasures" MP3 set #2.

Plenty of technical problems to keep it interesting. Not as bad as Preston, mind you, but for a considerable portion of this gig (first three songs as best as I can tell and maybe even beyond that), Ian sings without the aid of the varispeed.

Thanks go to Jan Bollansee for the corrections to the original listing.


#1 is a fade in, #2 has 30 seconds or so more of the intro. About 9 seconds of audience background, and then some more soundchecking for about 33 seconds, according to Jan Bollansee.

Audience a bit active during the early seconds.

Volume levels increase between 1:20 and 1:30. A bit of distortion in certain places.

Metallic noise (or the sound of a glass getting tapped) between 1:45 and 1:50. Some shouting at 2:58 or so.

IC: "Turn the voices(?) up please, Terry."


A rendition of the B-side version.

Somebody shouts out at about 2:00 and 2:05 in German, and at the end.


Extended intro before guitar starts in.

Ian yells something out at about 0:18.

IC: "'Q".

There's what may be an edit (in #1), and Ian harshly yells, "vocals up, turn the vocals."


IC: "`Q".

IC: "Turn the monitors up, I can't hear a thing.

Feedback squall.

PH: "You're not getting the syndrums through the monitor."


The first bars of Bernard's guitar sound like they're being passed through the syndrums. Plenty of screems at about the three-minute mark. Tape garbles at 3:29.

IC: "Can you get more treble on the monitor, Terry?"

A_Means_To_An_End is next, followed by Shes_Lost_Control.

Jan states that, "the gig was clearly recorded on a C-60 cassette; there's a break after She's Lost Control, and before the taper could hit "record" again, Steve had already started the intro to Sound Of Music, the very beginning of which is missing on the tape. It's a great, very long intro as Bernard & Hooky were busy swapping instruments."

On the #1 recording, the left side goes dead for a couple of measures into Sound_Of_Music, but comes back. An amazing performance of this song. Recorder getting rattled as taper hits stop can be heard on #1.


#1 has an edit at this point and misses most of Ian's soundchecking at this point, starting up again at the second-to-last "one two" below.

(only on #2)

IC: "One, two, loud as you can, one two, one two, one two, one two, that's better, one two, dead metal(?), one two, one two, round one(?), one two, one two, one two, one two, that's it."

The song is played.

Some soundchecking on #1 afterwards, lasts for about 80 seconds, half of which is an improvisational jam!

IC: "One, two. One, two, one two!"

#2 has an edit (fairly seamless) at this point, missing Ian's counting, and only catching the last twenty seconds of the forty second jam.

Day_Of_The_Lords and Shadowplay follows.


From about 1:30-1:40, Ian's varispeed cut out
(see http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=163753&highlight=varispeed for some discussion about it.) If you listen closely, you can hear his real voice still singing.

IC: "Terry, you put my mic as high as I want."


Volume drops at about 1:32.


IC: "One, two, one two, one."

About 1:50 of audience shouting, clapping, etc. before Joy Division come back on to perform Atrocity_Exhibition.

JD: 17 JAN 80 Plan K - Brussels, Belgium

The longest single Joy Division set, excluding Amsterdam, which was a special case.

I received this from Michael Mitchell. This a copy of a tape, and sounds suprisingly good, though Ian's vocals are low in the mix, but you can hear the count-ins more clearly than other JD gigs, so the taper may have been closer to Hooky than is wont. I've since received two other versions, one via Snotters via STG, described as an 'M2', and one from Philip Collins, very close to Snotters in quality, but edited slightly differently.

Punter utters "You bastards" and starts giggling.


PH: "1, 2, 3, 4."

IC says "'Q" very quietly upon completion of the song.

Ian repeats "2" a few times at the start, as if he was doing a soundcheck on the mic levels.


PH: "2, 3, 4."


Another count-up by Hooky. "1, 2, 3, 4."


Ian repeats "2" a few times at the start, as if he was doing a soundcheck on the mic levels.

Internal edit between this and the next song.


PH: "On 3, 4."

A/B split between LWTUA and the next song, which is faded in.


Dropout on the right channel of my copy at about 0:53, staying that way for a little bit under a minute.

Weird ringing effect at the end of this, this may be due to tape bleeding.

Another internal edit here.

Somebody calls out something in whatever Belgians speak.


Doesn't have 31G intro.


A fairly "loose" copy.


There's a weird electronic noise that is believed to be the varispeed which Ian used live.

IC: "Cheers...This is a Lou Reed song."

Slight dropout during the intro.

After the conclusion of this song (loads of feedback), there's a couple of minutes of solid clapping.


Sounds like Hooky is the one calling out "1, 2, 3, 4", since it's a bit off-mic.

JD: 18 JAN 80 De Effenaar, Eindhoven Holland

MP3 taken from CD bootleg...has bonus tracks listed as:

15. Warsaw*
16. Insight*
17. Wilderness*
18. Novelty**

*Date, Venue, Location Unknown, no known setlist lists these songs played consecutively
** Live at the Factory, Manchester July 13, 1979

Notes: Missing Day of the Lords as track 9, but adds New Dawn Fades to the JD Gigography (played after Digital)

Ian is late with vocals to the start of LWTUA.

Hooky (I think) says something between the end of Digital and the start of New_Dawn_Fades, can't make it out.

There's an interlude of the intro to Autosuggestion, but they shift gears and play Digital instead.

"One two three four kick them right out the door!" you can hear some punters yell at the end of Ice Age. The hashish is good in Holland.

"[something] to the back!" Ian blurts during the intro passage of Disorder.

Aggressive version of Autosuggestion.

Atmosphere marred by feedback during middle of song.

"Thank you. Good Night!", Ian says as they finish Atmosphere up.


Ian says this after the end of Wilderness MP3, but there looks to be an edit after the song so it's difficult to determine much more.

"This one's a very old song, uh, about two years old. I fucking can't remember"

Also see:


As well as:


"This is one of the best sounding bootlegs I have heard of any band. My guess is that it was recorded by the club using two fixed mic.s. It shows that although mixers are often good, a great audience tape is always better. My copy is off one that came from Holland way back then. It was missing 'Warsaw'...but not now."

JD: 21 JAN 80 Kantkino Berlin West Germany

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

(Apparently this gig exists only in poor quality form)

"Why such a low sq grade? Erratic tape speed! This problem goes back to the master. The guy taping the gig pressed record and initially all seemed well. Soon he noticed a problem with the tape speed of his recording machine and in addition he could hear strange sounds coming from it. Putting the built-in speaker to his ear he discovered the cassette double tracking. Whilst recording JD it was playing Aretha Franklin from the B-side. That's the story!"


IC: "...this light up here."

TJ notes that based on the following live picture that Interzone was played during this concert, as you see Hooky singing what appear to be lead vocals, as well as his fret positioning.


JD: 08 FEB 80 University of London Union

Melody Maker Feb 1980
Live review by Chris Bohn



Review emphasizes the gothic, gloomy aspect to Joy Division's songs

Also from http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"An audience tape recorded from the front of the balcony, next to the mixer, by the London lads-I think. Its had a bit of tweaking but is pretty faithful to the original noise.) Fans memory:"When I came into the back of the hall they were already onstage. All you could see, even from the back, was Ian's eyes. They were huge, like saucers". Another recalls:"This was the first time I noticed Ian out front, with the rest of the band stood further back. There was a more impressive light show, and each of them had an overhead spot. It was incredibly powerful. You felt you were watching the best band in the world, at their peak."

I also have this through a tape sent in by Brett, the tape source is a bit hissy but very listenable.

Waterrat's gigography omits Glass, which was played that night.

Very little chatter by the band. They just play the hits.

Somebody yells out for 'Transmission' but gets interrupted by the start of Isolation.

My tape has 'The Eternal' cut through about 2/3's of the way in as the cassette runs out on Side A and continues on Side B. Gah.

Folks cry out for 'Warsaw' (they're always crying out for 'Warsaw', actualy), 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 'Disorder' before JD plays Colony. Of course, none of the above songs ended up being played.

Looks like JD played The_Eternal and Digital as encores as somebody yells out "About fuckin' time" before they start playing these.

Ian gives his customary "10Q, G'nite" at the end.

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

"[Duncan] "At the start of the gig Ian was about to intro the band when Steve cut in and started the drumming on Dead Souls so Ian just started dancing. The second chorus is sung by Hooky because the lead to Ian's microphone fell out. "It fell out twice I can't remember if Hooky picked up the vocals on the other time. Ian just dropped the mic to the floor and walked away when it happened on the chorus". There may be some more photos of ths gig"."

And the following recollection by Jon Salisbury:

"I was at the University of London Union Joy Division gig.

I'd bunked school (I was 16) in North London to queue for tickets to make sure that me and my mates got in. I bought 4 tickets but got given 5 and sold the freebie to one of the many people waiting to get inside. So. I was already in profit before the doors opened!

I was completely uninsterested in the other bands. I had come to see JD and Ian Curtis. They were everything to me by then as a sad teenager who had listened to Unknown Pleasures avidly for months, wringing every last nuance out of the lyrics and marvelling at the hypnotic drum/bass/guitar interplay.

I stood next to a be-trenchcoated Paul Morley halfway towards the back of the hall. Finally, they emerged, drenched in white light, and the set got underway. I remember the technical problems early on and the synths. Few of us had heard any of the material that would later emerge on Closer so the synths came as quite a shock. This long, slow song (The Eternal) and Isolation were the new standouts although I didn't know what they were called at the time.

23 years has dimmed very little of the memory."

JD: 20 FEB 80 Town Hall High Wycombe England

Note that following lists date of gig as 2 FEB 80, but hat is in error.

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html
Gig:Sound of Music, A Means To An End, Colony, Twenty-Four Hours, Isolation,
LWTUA, Disorder, Atrocity Exhibition. 40 8

Soundcheck:Isolation, Eternal, Ice Age, Disorder, Sound of Music, A Means To An End.

"Very good sq recordings of both gig & s/c. Ian's voice falters when he tries to sing,rather than shout, the lyrics to Ice Age."

Notes from Brett

Not a word during the gig itself, but a few exchanges during the soundcheck...

After Ice_Age

Someone: "Are you playing it?"
IC: "We're not playing it, no."

after A_Means_To_An_End

Someone: "you're on in 4 minutes"
IC: "Alright."

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

"[Duncan] "During the soundcheck I asked Ian what was the name of the first track Joy Division played at ULU, as it was unreleased at the time. At first Ian couldn't remember but after a while, and some prompting (along the lines of it's got the lyrics 'Keep calling me'), Ian remembered it was called Dead Souls. When asked if they'd play it that night he said "We may well do"."

JD: 28 FEB 80 The Warehouse Preston England

First, some commentary, which appears on alt.music.neworder and on the Ceremony Mailing List (ceremony@monkey.org):

In alt.music.new-order, "Jan & Hilde Bollansee" wrote:

Hi All!

The new live disc was available in Belgian record shops (well, some at least...) as of yesterday. Of course I picked it up immediately; it appears that the postponement of the release date to May 17, as announced earlier, affects the UK only. The record is distributed through New Millennium Communications (the wonderful people who in recent times have regaled us with other niceties, such as the "Shop Assistants" debut album and the double live-cd of the Waterboys).

Anyway, The disc comes with an 8-page booklet, credited:

Art direction by Peter Saville
Design by Howard Wakefield and Paul Hetherington at Commercial Art Photograph by Daniel Meadows

I still haven't figured out what the front covers represents; the least that can be said is that it shows a 'fractured' image; the main colours are black, purple and different shades of yellow and orange. In the lower left corner, printed in white, are "Joy Division" and the title as given in the header.

page 2 contains the following note above the title:

This is not a memento, this is a gig. This is not a souvenir or shifty "not the best of", this is a gig. This is not bootleg chic, this is just a gig. Just a gig by one of the greatest bands that ever lived and wrote and played.

(It doesn't say so, but I bet they asked Paul Morley to come up with this; at least it's short, this time)

page 3 lists the twelve songs above the band's name (or is it a female singer?)

the centerfold contains a great black and white shot of Ian Curtis while giving it his all (never seen the picture before); you can barely notice Hooky's severely cropped head behind him (very similar to how he looked during the European tour of 1980.... ok, I admit: I didn't catch them at the time, but I know from the picture taken at the Plan K gig as published in "An Ideal for Living")

page 6 bears a note from Tony Wilson, I think (again no credit)

page 7 gives the credits for the artwork, as cited above

page 8 is blank, except for the catalogue number

the back cover lists the twelve song titles the inlay has the same picture as the cover; along the side, next to the disc, it says: The Fractured Music Archive Volume One (I expect they have more up their sleeves).

As for the recording, it is definitely a different recording than the one used for the "Shadowplay" bootleg (Great Dane Records). Using one word to describe the sound, I'd say: RAW. I mean: VERY RAW. To me, it's obvious the band wanted to prove the point which they have made repeatedly over the years, that their live sound differed completely from how it was passed on to us through the production of Martin Hannett. This is one hell of a case in point. Take "Interzone": they thrash the song completely, in the process obliterating all the lyrics (barely discernible, unlike the version on the bootleg). Come to think of it: the sound comes very close to how "Warsaw" and "Interzone" sound on the bootleg from the Bains Douches-gig. I mean that raw!

Be warned: in no way can the sound on this disc be compared to how the first five tracks of "Shadowplay" (the bootleg) sound.

Also, there is a lot of echo, especially on Ian's vocals (somewhat disturbing, really). Further, they have clearly edited out a few short snippets. Not the girl trying to bum a ride, but for instance Gretton shouting "come to your mike" right before Shadowplay (but the rest of the talking is there), or the 20" of synthesized cymbal crashing before Interzone. Also Hooky's noodling on the bass and the repeated shouts for "Colony" between Wilderness and Twenty-Four Hours are gone (actually, the edit right before Twenty-Four Hours is very poorly done, imvho).

Still, what's left is an interesting document, showing a living band in a very live context, not a museum piece. Someone who is only fond of the delicate sounds of Atmosphere or Decades is in for a great shock when he/she hears the ferocious playing during the second half of the show!

I hope this information doesn't spoil, but helps. Go out and buy this disc as soon as you can!


From: John A. Frye:

"Someone who is only fond of the delicate sounds of Atmosphere or Decades is in for a great shock when he/she hears the ferocious playing during the second half of the show!

Excellent! It is a fantstic gig for that reason. Bernard is cranked up a ton- sounds like a metal band really. The firestorm starts after they fix the bass-amp problem and launch into Shadowplay. The Great Dane recording is very strong; Ian's voice is full and sounds very healthyas opposed to the half-lunged voice on Decades of their final concert. The review here didn't really compare the recording quality-wise to the Great Dane release though; is it better or worse? Just different? Can't wait to get one."

-john frye

Some miscellanous comments regarding the MP3 of the Shadowplay boot.

Incubation has a skip or two in it. Actually, at 0:44 through 0:50 there's what sounds like ticking, and at 2:38-2:39, there's crackling ("Shadowplay" source)

Wilderness has some guitar/bass fiddling after the song finishes up. Probably when they start having problems with the bass amp.

Volume shifts in the first few seconds of "Shadowplay" boot.


(at end)

IC: "'k you...some slight problems". You can hear a fan yelling for Exercise One.


The version of The Eternal which is performed here is very different than the released version, and not just because of the broken amp.

(during the break)

PH: "Turn it up some...turn it up some...turn it up some..."

IC: "Have to just wait while we get the bass repaired" Hooky is still yelling to "turn it up some..."

IC: "I like to apologize for everything."

(a note from Tom [Palatinebs])

In between Eternal & Heart and Soul, at one point you can hear a bandmember (Bernard) saying "Do 'Heart & Soul'! We can play 'Heart and soul' without the bass!" (very faint....you need to listen closely)


IC: "Just play around for a while until the bass is repaired."

Song halts midway...

IC: "I think everything's falling apart!"

(a mish-mash of people muttering in the background...)

"Where did you put my book(?)"
Ay lads, a little guitar through the bass amp, it's not working..."

BS: "Right, 'Arry, everything's fucking bust so we're playing everything through the bass amp....Oh, hang on a minute, we got it back on again."

(is "'Arry" Harry DeMac?)

Somebody yells, "What a fucking prick!"

Lady: "Anybody from Burnley the coach is going in five minutes."

Philip Collins notes the following:

"...Burnley's a bit nearer Preston than Birmingham. John Cooper Clarke's got a good poem about Burnley, a place he claims "where people still point at aeroplanes"...it starts off "I'll tell you now and I'll tell you firmly/ I don't ever want to go to Burnley"..."

Bass notes being struck, and feedback-tinged guitar.

PH: "Hold on."
IC: "Hold on."

PH: "What's going on?"

IC: "Shadowplay."
IC: "Any requests?" (fans yell out Shadowplay) IC: "Shadowplay."

Rob Gretton: "Hooky, Hooky, Hooky, what's happening?"

PH: "We don't know!"

Rob Gretton: "Come to yer mike."

Shadowplay and Transmission are fast and raw, as described above.

Disorder has a bit of a false start with the drums.

At the end of Warsaw you can hear the band discuss what to play next.

After Colony, Ian says "'k you."


Harsh syndrums can be heard just before Interzone kicks in, in anticipation for She's Lost Control. In other words, somebody messed up. :-)

Vocals are mixed low for this song.


The MP3 has a couple of skips. Could be the master was suffering from laser rot.

For some inexplicable reason, there's a completely unrelated tune stuck after the end of SLC. I don't know who it's by, it's some horn-drenched late 70s thing.

Also see http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

(one source)

Incubation, Wilderness, Twenty-Four Hours, Eternal, Heart And Soul, Shadowplay, Transmission, Disorder, Warsaw, Colony, Interzone, She's Lost Control.

"Another mixing desk tape. Lots of sound problems with the PA, & therefore contains lots of comments from the band, eg. "I think everything's falling apart" Ian, and "Everything's F***ing bust so we're putting everything thru the bass amp" Barney. Track one sometimes listed as 'Cross of Iron'."

(another source)

Incubation, Warsaw, Colony, Interzone, Eternal, Heart And Soul, She's Lost Control.

"A tape of a semi-official Italian CD, called "Testament", bought in a Virgin Megastore. From the same source as above but technically the sound is perfect, studio quality. I have now a perfect quality tape of the full gig from the CD that provided the source for "Testament"."

There's also at least one audience source (possibly more).

One taper is "kered5" using a Lloytron tape recorder, see http://www.new-order.net/jd/gigs/jd_gig.htm#JD-791004 for a description.

JD: 29 FEB 80 The Lyceum - London England

Missing Incubation as the first track.

Sound of the MP3s is fairly muddy. MP3s leave out intro of Incubation (intentionally, as that track is available on Heart and Soul boxset). I have a superior CD that includes this and the other H&S tracks for completeness, mostly taken from a clean copy of the Komakino bootleg LP.

This set was also released as "No More Ceremonies" (NMC), using a different source than the one described above. I'm not totally sure, the audience banter between tracks sounds different, but maybe there was some editing going on.

Pre-gig backing tape sounds like Durutti Column. Only present on the NMC issue.

As Joy Division take the stage, Bernard strums his guitar a few times before they play Incubation. Interestingly enough, both versions dropout at about the same point in the song.


IC: "This is called Heart And Soul."


On NMC version, someboady utters 'tea biscuit' right before the start.

Sound starts to waver a bit.


Minor differences between recorded song and live version lyrically. Only time this is performed live. But significant versions between this and the soundchecked version, according to Tim Jauncey.


About a minute of shouting and clapping before the encore is preserved on the NMC version. Punter says "They're here somewhere, aren't they?" at some point.

IC: "'Q. This is called These Days."

Punter cries out twice for "Transmission"....another guy says, "That's if you can do it onstage." (thanks to Philip Collins for deciphering the last bit)

("Q" only on NMC version)

Drum solo opening.


IC: "See the atrocity exhibition."

Also see http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

Soundcheck:Heart And Soul, Incubation, Komakino, Isolation(instr), Isolation.

"This JD gig in London brought out lots of bootleggers. There are several different recordings of this gig. This one is similar, but possibly not identical, to the one used on H&S."

And from http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/duncan.htm

"[Duncan] ' Ian's dancing had changed somewhat from 1979. It was perhaps more wild than ever and included spinning, it was more like revolving while maintaining the same style, dancing round and round in circles. I can't say for sure but over the months he did get more and more wild. His dancing use to speed up and slow down with the music - sometimes just moving his arms.

This was mainly, but not only, during Atrocity Exhibition. I think the encore here was the best ten minutes of Joy Division live I ever saw with the spinning, the clear sound, Ian's performance in Atrocity Exhibition was so close to the edge. He was hanging on to he mic when he was singing as if it was a life line beckoning the crowd in as he sang "you want to see some more., step inside", "go in all the way" he was again helped off the stage by the roadie leaving the band to play out. These Days has always been Joy Division's hidden masterpiece. I'm 99% certain Barney and Hooky swapped on Atrocity Exhibition. Barney told me a story about the Lyceum once. About ten mins before they were due on stage they were in the changing room having a "joke" bottle fight which resulted in Barney getting some serious lacerations to his hands which were so bad it was touch and go as to whether he'd be able to play. It kind of puts pay to the notion that they were a sombre bunch. When I knew them they never stopped pissing about.'"


From: (Robert A. England)
Subject: Re: Joy Division / New Order

"Has anyone seen JOY DIVISION live? I suppose this goes out to people reading this who lived in Europe and England at the time. What were they like on stage? I envy thee greatly.

I'm sorry, but I must gloat (and be proud), I saw Joy Division live at the Lyceum, The Strand, London, sometime in 1980 or 1981. I remember I was really young (16-17) and, live music being my only love at the time, it was a hair-tearing decision between going to see either Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark (I think they had just released their first LP) or Joy Division; they were playing on the same night, you see. Anyway, the music press were going apeshit over JD and their atmospheric gigs (to say the least! it was blood-curdling, spine-electrifying, mesmerising) so that swayed the decision (plus in those days hungry-eyed OMD were playing every other week in London!).

The Lyceum had that unforgettable mood that was so prevalent in the post-punk era, when music had a raw, powerful darkness that smeared itself all over the walls of the venue. We were in the years following the revolution and anything was possible. A collection of punks & rastafarians were in force, sprawled over the floors or hangin' out in dark corners, as well as the newest figures, the long-macintoshed 'industrial' types, later the stalwarts of JD gigs. There were tickets still for sale at the door, but there was certainly enough of a crowd to make the mood.

There were 2 groups in support, one was definitely Killing Joke, I remember that because they did an incredible set, climaxing with 'Change', (IMHO the song of the year on the merits that it united people with completely different tastes in music to agree it was magnificent). I can't remember the other support band except it was a Factory band because it was a Factory night.

I don't remember either the entrance of JD - suddenly they were on stage - and their bass and guitar were making that menacing drone, the crowd was getting increasingly worked up. Ian Curtis was without doubt the major presence, but the rest of the lads certainly contributed to the sense of occasion, like there was some dark ritual to be celebrated, and they were supporting the High Priest. Watching Ian move for the first time after standing stock still for the first verses, you just had to laugh. He burst into life like he was a puppet and some psychopath was pulling his strings. This sent the mob into a frenzy of apocalyptic dance like I'd never seen before.

The only songs that were memorable to me were 'She's Lost Control', 'Transmission' (because those were the only ones I'd heard at the time) and, believe it or not, 'Atrocity Exhibition' because it was so terrifying. I say believe it or not because it was only released later on 'Closer' whilst at that time only 'Unknown Pleasures' was out.

I became an instant Joy Division convert, for life."

JD: 05 MAR 80 Trinity Hall - Bristol

From http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/lwtua/vpost?id=262150

Pthompson, who attended, had this to say:

"Thanks, I wish I had recorded it, or at least knew someone who had! There was a guy there takiing photos. It wasn't a very big crowd really, maybe a hundred. Joy Division were very loud and not really what I was expecting. The only songs I recognised at the time were 24 Hours, Colony and Love Will Tear Us Apart, though I have since come to know the names of the others they played. They definitely opened with the instrumental one Incubation, and I think A Means To An End was next. I remember being astounded at the intensity of the performance from Ian Curtis, he put everything into the "I put my trust in you" line, which is what stood out for me. Then they did 24 Hours and Colony, and followed it with a slow one that I think might have been Passover. It wasn't very good, and was riddled with squalls of feedback towards the end when Ian Curtis picked up his coffin guitar. Bernard played keyboards on what I guess was Heart and Soul (though I don't really remember anything of note in this song, it may have been something else). I recognised Love Will Tear Us Apart as the next song, and they followed this straight away by a very brisk synth wash that was probably Isolation. After this they did one more, a fast punky one that Ian got very animated in. I think it may have been Ice Age, the chorus was familiar when I first heard Still. Then they were gone, there was no encore and no real call for one to be fair. I didn't really know what to expect, this was quite disappointing though as I'd heard the first album and they didn't play anything from it, nor the singles. If it hadn't been for the John Peel session I wouldn't have known any of the material at the time, which always leaves you feeling a bit negative about a band."

Setlist may have been, based on the above description:

Means From An End (possibly 'Wilderness') Twenty-Four Hours
Passover (?)
Heart And Soul
Ice Age

JD: 02 APR 80 The Moonlight Club - London England

The Waterrat listing for this gig may have been what was played on 3 APR 80, according to the Lars Nellemann MP3.

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"JD and assorted Factory bands took over this club in a posh part of north west London. A tape of a boot LP of the first two nights at the Moonlight, but there may be a different recording of one, or both nights."

To quote myself regarding this gig:

"I happen to have the 2 APR 80 and 3 APR 80 Moonlight shows on a Maxell XII C90. What's noteworthy is that these aren't sourced from any of the Moonlight Club bootleg LPs listed as carrying these dates...as there's no crackling or pops, but the sound is somewhat hissy, so I doubt my source is first generation, at least for 2 APR, which also seems to be in mono on my tape (quite a few of the 79 shows are mono)

Sister Ray from that night has already been released (it's on Still, of course)...the rest of the soundboard recording from that gig has never surfaced publicly, but they were taped by audience members. It's reported that the performance from the 2nd wasn't one of their better ones, and the 3rd was much better, but I've yet to listen to either."


(TJ) a) It is the correct speed

"Hmm, that means that the other two sources are the ones playing too ast. or my ears are full of wax. I'll do some more work on this.


Tim is right. The other two sources are indeed too fast!

For my test, I took Wilderness from each of the three sources, using the Unknown Treasures CD3 version as my start/stop point reference.

KnownPleasures copy: 2:57
UnknownTreasures CD3: 2:47
Copy from my tape: 2:43

It's clear if you compare these against the Preston version of 'Wilderness' which version is at the correct speed.

One can only speculate how the speeds can vary over nearly a tone...I can imagine anything mastered on or played from an LP can be off nearly a whole tone, and that this can happen with reel-to-reels... The gig from the 3rd from my tape is also too fast, but "only" by about a quarter-tone or so, at least comparing it against another source."

Notes from Brett


IC: "That takes talent." (Brett originally had: "This one's called Colony", but that can't be right)


IC: "You can tell we've not rehearsed for a while." Statement is followed by him laughing and by Barney indignantly saying "first time we've played it on guitar."

(Thanks to Tim Jauney for catching the last bit with Barney)


IC: "This one's called Transmission."


It is not until 2:49 that Ian Curtis starts in on the vocals.


IC: "Good night. You should hear our version of "Louie Louie, woah!"

JD: 03 APR 80 The Moonlight Club - London

The Waterrat listing for this gig may have been what was played on 2 APR 80, according to the Lars Nellemann MP3.

Sister Ray, which is the last song, appears on 'Still' CD.

Ian actually knows the words. :-) After he finishes, he deadpans, "Thank you, good night (sigh)...You should hear our version of 'Louie Louie', whoa."

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"It is possible that JD played 'Digital' before 'Sister Ray'. But this song is not on my own tape nor on anyone elses..."

Notes from Brett

My version has the taper saying "Bootleg #2" at the start, with another person saying "tape #7".

There's a dropout of a couple of seconds on my version of LWTUA.


IC: "Q"


Not the finest example of Bernard's guitar playing.

IC: "Q"


IC: "This one's called the Atrocity Exhibition"

Has unique "All the way, All the way" lyrics here.

After Atmosphere

IC: "Thank you, good night"

JD: 04 APR 80 The Moonlight Club - London England

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

(also listed as being from 11 APR 80)

"The band are introduced as "Stevie and the JD's". I have found no reason to doubt this is the 3rd night at the Moonlight. Ian collapsed at the end of Insight & was helped off stage. Hooky sang Interzone solo then they all left the stage."

(they are introduced by Tony Wilson, who was hosting the event, it seems)

Notes from Brett

Introduced as "Stevie & The JDs".

Bassline to "From Safety To Where..?" played.

After Interzone

Someone (most likely Tony Wilson): "That's about it then"

Crowd member: "Fuck off!"

Someone: "You fuck off! It's too late now, so if you can all go home.."

JD: 05 APR 80 The Winter Gardens - Malvern England

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"A nicer tape is en route. I hope its source is not the Malvern, Eric's boot, but I'll just have to wait and see. Haway it was the Malvern boot!"

Tell me about it. The source I have is on tape really hissy, and it's definitely an audience tape. Brett included the final two Malvern tracks (SLC and Girls Don't Count) as bonus tracks on another CD, and their quality is fairly outstanding.

I also have this as MP3s, but I haven't heard these yet.

Section 25 song is "Girls Don't Count".

The first four songs proceed without comment.


IC: "This is called Atmosphere."

There isn't much else to be heard that I could pick up.


punter1: "Who's going on?"
punter1: "I asked who was going on"
punter2: "Heh heh heh, a bit of variety."

IC: "Wally(?)...[mumbles]"

Lars MP3 collection lists after "Girls Don't Count":

Gimme Your Heart
New Dawn Fades

A "Tim" taped this one using a large portable hidden in a pocket on the back of his jacket. He also taped the Ajanta Derby gig.

JD: 08 APR 80 Derby Hall - Bury, England

Lots of good information at http://members.aol.com/lwtua/c1980.htm#130 which I won't attempt to duplicate.

"kered5" makes the following note:

"In addition, and to my ETERNAL dismay...I taped the legendary Derby Hall Bury gig but have lost/taped over that tape. I have searched my house...and everybody's house I have ever been in since that day and I cannot for the life of me find that tape. At the time, I was unaware of the rarity and significance of that eventful night. I still do a regular search through my tapes on a periodic basis on the off chance it will show up...but I think I have to accept the fact that it is lost forever."

I hope he finds it one day!

After all these years, the setlist (written out in Rob Gretton's hand) turns up, and indeed confirms the appearance of Decades (still titled 'Europop') and also reveals/confirms that rather than Alan Hempsall appearance as a last-minute substitution, it had been planned out.

Covered here:

JD: 11 APR 80 The Factory I, Manchester

From http://www.geocities.com/dgmichael73/atrex.txt
Notes: The original Factory reopened for a few Friday dates, Joy Division
was booked only 10 days ahead and with minimum advertising the band still drew a crowd of 900 people to the club! Due to several incidents the atmosphere wasn't good when Joy Division entered the stage, but Joy Division's set was by most reports nothing less than brilliant so the atmosphere improved considerably during their set: "Rob Gretton came out after Joy Division went off and said 'Joy Division will not be coming back again tonight, and if you bastards throw a bottle at me there definitely will be hell.' So, Pils bottles flew from everywhere at him. Joy Division came back out and the club erupted when they did 'Atrocity Exhibition' as the encore."

[Nick Wraith, June 1982]

JD: 19 APR 80 Ajanta Theatre Derby England

From http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

Dead Souls, Wilderness, Digital, Insight, Passover, Heart And Soul, Isolation, These Days, Transmission, She's Lost Control...

"Several allegedly different but similar sounding recordings of this gig. It'd be nice to have one good one though. They all sound like they have been compressed. This may be due to the venue's acoustics, I'm told its a concrete monster. They may have encored with Colony, "Nobody Counts"(Jam with Section 25). But these two tracks are not on my tape nor anyone elses that I have come across.)"

There's two known sources of this gig. One was taped by "Tim" who describes running back and catching a bit of "Girls Don't Count" midstream. This lines up with the version on "Journey That Leads To The Sun", which is faded-in mid-song.

Tim Jauncey notes that "Colony and Girls Don't Count were two separate encores, rather than one two-song encore." (as described above)

There are two sources, one with just the main set, the other including main set plus the encores.

Notes from Brett

After Dead_Souls

IC: "Q"

After Wilderness

IC: "Turn the vocals up"


lyric: "it couldn't happen more" instead of "shadows start to form".

After Insight

IC: "Q"


IC: "This is called Passover"


Someone cries out for Twenty-Four hours...feedback squeal, as bass starts in, a punter says "Fuckin' A".

IC: "Thank you, good night."

JD: 02 MAY 80 High Hall, Birmingham University

Entire set appears on Still LP and some foreign 2 CD pressings. Otherwise, Twenty-Four Hours is left off of the CD, because of space and technical problems with the mic on Ian's voice, presumably.

Ceremony starts out with Ian's mic not working, so you can only hear the first verse very faintly. This is the only live performance JD ever gave of Ceremony, though rehearsal tapes of Ian performing the song exist. At the 3:37 point, one can make out a female voice saying either "Is it wound up?" or more likely, "Is it wired up", referring to the recording being made, as she then asks if she can take one...she repeats "Is it wired up" again at the 4:13 point.

IC: "'k you".

Means_To_An_End starts with a countup, "..2, 3, 4..."

IC: "'k you".


Steve makes a rare miscue at about the 3:17 mark.

IC: "'k you".


Only known exisiting recorded live performance of Decades, as it was performed at the Rainbow '80 gig and possibly at Bury as well.

IC: "'k you".


IC: "Thank you, good night."

Audience is chanting and stomping for more, but apparently there was no more.

Also see http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/jdtapes.html

"An audience tape [exists of this performance as well], most notable for the full length intro to 'Ceremony', which was missing from 'Still'.) Soundcheck: Ceremony, Decades. (Not great sq wise, sounds like its recorded from inside a bag, but nice to have."

Which in fact, it was!


At the 3:37 point, one can make out a female voice saying either "Is it wound up?" or more likely, "Is it wired up", referring to the recording being made, as she then asks if she can take one...she repeats "Is it wired up" again at the 4:13 point.

There's also a sound of a lead coming in and out at 3:51, perhaps related to the above.


False start (about 21s).

Slight dropout at 1:01 or so.

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